Small Groups

Our small groups are intended to be a place to experience Christ-centered relationships and learn about God together.  If our weekly meeting is the bread of RealLife’s presence on campus, then Small Groups are the butter.  They are a community within a community, often taking place in your Residence Hall, your area of study, or down the street from your off-campus house.

Our relationship with God is not meant to be lived out in solitude, and even our questions about Him are not answered best on our own.  Our small groups exist to forge friendships that challenge our perceptions of life, point us toward God, and respond with grace when we find ourselves falling short of His glory.  RealLife’s small groups pull back the curtain of our movement and reveal not perfection, but genuine pursuit of God and His Kingdom.

Select your area of campus below to find a small group near you, and shoot us an e-mail. We can't wait to meet you!

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