Our Partnerships


God’s plan for Ohio State extends far beyond the city of Columbus. Christ commissioned us to reach the whole world, and we as RealLife are responding to that call.

We’re committed to reaching the millions of university students who study in locations where there is little or no witness for Christ. You can be a part of this exciting mission by joining us in praying for and going with us to one of our partnership locations. There are three main ways you can go:

God has called us to partner with these three cities around the world. Each location is very different, but all share a common need for students who know Christ to share the gospel with students who don't. We're focused on providing opportunites for students of all nations to know God. We’re dedicated to laboring to build campus movements across the globe, and watching those movements become self-sustaining and locally staffed.



Florianopolis, Brazil is a beautiful island city located off the southern coast of Brazil. The city has more than 1 million residents (about the size of Columbus) and the main university has a student population of approximately 33,000. The island has beautiful mountains and beaches, and Brazilians come from all over the country to Florianopolis for vacation, to experience the scenery and the cooler year-round temperatures. Florianopolis is one of the safest cities with an advanced infrastructure in Latin America.


Like most of Latin America, one finds a Roman Catholic heritage in much of Brazil. That said, the youngest generations in Brazil are distancing themselves from their religious roots, exploring relativism, secularism, and even new age spirituality. Brazilians typically believe themselves to be a very spiritual people; many cult religions are finding Brazilians to be very receptive. Brazilians seem to be hungry for authentic spirituality. The large majority of Brazilians do believe in God esteem Jesus highly, though the younger generations typically avoid being a part of “organized religion”. It is typically not socially incorrect to speak about religion as Brazilians love to talk about just about anything. Brazilians have so many of the puzzle pieces to having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, but they need Christians to communicate and demonstrate the Gospel to them.
For more information on how you can go with us to Brazil, e-mail Aaron Badenhop.



Chicago is one of the liveliest metropolitan areas in the country, if not the world. As the United States’ third largest city, it’s home to not only 2.7 million people (588,000 of whom are immigrants) but also to the world’s first skyscraper, Wrigley Field, 32 Fortune 500 companies, deep-dish pizza, the ‘L’ train, Sears Tower, and sandy beaches along Lake Michigan. Chicago is also a major international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications and transportation. In other words, it’s an exciting place to be!


Chicago is spiritually hungry and hurting. This is manifested by the city’s history of crime, corrupt politics, and lack of the gospel. But God has not abandoned His people in Chicago. He has been redeeming the city through many healthy churches and ministries, one of which is Cru Chicago. The Cru staff and students there are trusting God to change the lives of Chicago’s 700,000 college students by launching movements like RealLife on its 44 campuses. There are movements on 14 of these campuses, including a movement of about 25 students at one of the most ethnically diverse schools in the nation, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). About one of four people who work in downtown Chicago are alumni of UIC. God desires every one of these students to know Him, and if they follow Christ, UIC students are in a position to influence the city of Chicago with the transforming power of the His gospel.

For more information on how you can go with us to Chicago, e-mail Brian Holaday.



Ljubljana is a city of 280,000 people, making it the largest city in Slovenia. Once part of former Yugoslavia, Slovenia gained independence in 1991. The University of Ljubljana is Slovenia's largest university, with over 63,000 students. The city has a Western European feel despite its Balkan history, and is less than an hour drive from the Austria in the north and Italy to the west. With a castle looking over the busy city, and the Julian Alps only a short drive away, Ljubljana, not to mention Slovenia as a whole, is one of Europe’s best kept secrets.


Most students in Ljubljana identify with Roman Catholicism, atheism or new age beliefs. Slovenia is traditionally Catholic, but few talk about their religion or spirituality, and many young people deeply distrust the church. This has made Slovenia very hard soil for the seeds of the gospel. However college students, like most Slovenes, are friendly and willing to talk, and are open to discussions about spiritual things. Cru’s campus ministry in Ljubljana, Vsak Študent, has been at the university since 2010. Currently there is local team of Americans who engage daily with Slovene students in spiritual and gospel conversations, while also discipling Christian students who are dedicated to see their friends and classmates changed by the gospel. Right now there are 50-70 Slovenes connected to the ministry, and a handful are Christian students who help lead the ministry.

For more information on how you can go with us to Slovenia, e-mail Jordan.Browning@cru.org.